Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Head Librarian of Zee’s Library and Cafe


My name is Zia Mohammed. I am the owner of Zee’s Library and Cafe. I have gotten the idea of creating library during a visit to a bookstore in Toronto, Canada. That bookstore is called Indigo. I fell in love with the bookstore because of the layout of the store and the concept behind it. I will be operating just like the bookstore however there is a twist. I am currently completing my degree in COSTAATT. That degree is Library and Information Studies. I will be operating as a lending facility where I can use my skills and knowledge as a librarian. The idea behind this, is that a patron can browse a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee via a mini Starbucks Coffee shop that is situated in the library. Eventually, there will be Research department where my staff and I can assist persons with research.

Please feel free to browse around my website. Comments are welcome and very soon I will setting up my social media handles. Thank you for using and visiting Zee’s Library and Cafe.