The Head Librarian of Zee’s Library and Cafe


My name is Zia Mohammed. I am the owner of Zee’s Library and Cafe. I have gotten the idea of creating library during a visit to a bookstore in Toronto, Canada. That bookstore is called Indigo. I fell in love with the bookstore because of the layout of the store and the concept behind it. I will be operating just like the bookstore however there is a twist. I am currently completing my degree in COSTAATT. That degree is Library and Information Studies. I will be operating as a lending facility where I can use my skills and knowledge as a librarian. The idea behind this, is that a patron can browse a book and enjoy a hot cup of coffee via a mini Starbucks Coffee shop that is situated in the library. Eventually, there will be Research department where my staff and I can assist persons with research.

Please feel free to browse around my website. Comments are welcome and very soon I will setting up my social media handles. Thank you for using and visiting Zee’s Library and Cafe.



Hence to the name of my business, there is cafe situated on the top floor of the Library. There is a mini Starbucks that would be selling hot/cold drinks, pastries and other munchies. Patrons has t…

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Hello to one and all!

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since I have posted something on my website. Been busy with school and I am now in my Final Year at COSTAATT and I am super excited to say that hopefully I would be establishing my business together with the help of Integrated Marketing Communications for Libraries so that I can have an idea on how to officially make my business dream come true! All I need is some work experience for a few more years and then I can run my business with the help of good college friends!

Wish me luck!

Please note I will be using this website more frequently with issues that surrounds inside and outside of libraries!

Good Day all!

Guest post #16 – The future of libraries: a time for new heroes… by Dave Coplin


Envisioning the library of the future

Today, many of us walk around with more computing power in our pockets than used to sit on our desks just a few short years ago. We are more connected, more engaged and more in control of our lives than ever before and yet, incredible though it is to believe, we are still right at the very beginning of our society’s journey with technology.

We have learned to love (or in some cases, tolerate) the power of social media and the increasingly real-time nature of our world. The power of the internet and mobile technology has enabled us to live with and access an incredible range of data, information and services. These offer us the capability of augmenting all of our real-world experiences (joining the digital and analogue worlds together) in order to help us to become greater than the sum of our own parts.

In many ways, this evolution…

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Parents who assist with their children’s project by going to the nearest public library for information

The idea of a parent involvement in their children’s project is not a bad idea. However, as a librarian in training, I notice that at the library I work at parents comes to get information for their children project and expect the librarian and me to complete the entire project for them. The library is there to provide information and also to guide the parents and children to use ebscohost and other information resources for their project.  THE LIBRARY DO NOT SPOON-FEED  THE PATRONS!